Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring weather and a new Spirit!

For the last two days we have had 55 degree weather and no rain. I took full advantage of this and mowed the lawn, weeded and trimmed back the hedges. I am absolutely bushed.
I'm happy to report that my Hydrangeas made it...all three (my favorites next to lilacs). Someday I will have a whole mess of lilac trees in my yard. This is my dream.
My trees are blooming and most of my grass survived. I was worried because our winter was so bad. We haven't seen a winter like this in 60 years. When I wonder through the neighborhood I see people pulling all kinds of dead plants out of their yards. I thought for sure my plants were toast. Even my Baby Japanese Maple survived.
Spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming. It is bringing new life to the "White House"...Even my boys jumped in for some good hard work.
I saw a movie and there was a quote in it I really liked.
What sound does a blooming flower make? It doesn't need to make a sound to know it's pretty, it just is.
Of coarse it was in one of my kids' movies but I still liked it.
There's something to be said about giving energy both negative and positive to things. I've given these tumors so much negative energy that I think now is the time to start with some positive. I'm going to try to embrace the Spring and Summer weather with a new positive attitude about everything.

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