Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back in the Hospital....YUCK!

It was a great day here at the "White House" and we were all outside enjoying the weather. I was sitting on our bench and then it hit. I was seeing stars and then the double vision hit. I just felt weird. All I remember was my husband telling me to go lay down and nothing else. I made it to the couch, mumbling crazy incoherent (sp) things and don't even remember it. Derek was asking me some questions and I wasn't responding. The lights were on and no one was home. I just don't get it.....
He rushed me the the ER and low and behold I had another seizure.... My head was pounding so bad that I felt like my right eye was being squeezed with someones fist. They gave me a CT scan and called in my scans from Maryland. They also gave me Dillated and Benedryll and Zophran.
Well, I was released...(big surprise) and told to call my NS and see a PC....Hard to do with no insurance.... I am going to go to the County Health Department today to see about getting on the meds. I'm still waiting for the state to call me back and tell me if I can get approved on medical.
I know why this happened and I know that I am supposed to be on meds. I need to try to stay calm in the event of undo stress. Everytime I stress out I have one. It's horrible, but with all of the new stress it was bound to happen.

I think it's time that we all write e-mails to the President again. I'm so sick of scraping by and wondering why. We all need medical insurance and if we can't afford it this is supposed to be there for us. Why is it that our tax money and the relief money isn't going where it should. This country is falling apart and fast. Businesses going under and more people are homeless....Oregon has one of the Highest unemployment rates and they give us money to build a new bridge....claiming that it will create job...Big clue!!!!! Not all of us can do construction... What a joke. They also gave Oregon money to Dredge the Columbia river.... That isn't going to give me a chance at a job either. What a joke....
They say that for every job opening there are at least 100-200 applicants. College graduates are working at Mc Donalds. Why don't we worry less about what's going on in other countries and try to take care of our own.
Sorry to vent, I just hate the way the government is spending the "relief" money....

I'm doing OK now. I was in bed all day yesterday and still have a little headache today. Such is the life of a brain tumor patient.

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