Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OK.... Time to act like an adult again.

I vented yesterday and I guess I deserved it. I'm so tired of all of the bills and the fact that the government isn't helping the "little people". I've written a couple of letters to Obama and haven't even recieved an automated response. Boy did we chose the wrong president. I guess I can't complain too much. The government is funding the clinical study that I'm a part of. In fact if it doesn't get cut then they will do my next surgery.
I'm just so frustrated that my husband is working so hard and he has no money coming in. We had to "rob Peter to pay Paul" yesterday and I'm not sure its going to work because people are stealing my money. We are overdrawn and over-extended. I feel as if the Devil is using us as his personal pawn in life. He's not allowed but it sure feels like it. God can bring you to it and bring you through it but what about the things that God doesn't bring you to? I don't think that he would put this much on one person.
I feel as if I'm being tested to see how much I can take before I crack.
I tell you right now..... I'm past cracking... I'm done... If this is what God was waiting for then I'm here I'm cracking and it's time for him to carry me.

I have an Orientation tomorrow at the Employment department and I'm hoping they give me some help on re-training or schooling. We need the help and I need to find a new career.

I'm done venting. I do feel, that SSDI should have approved me but since they didn't what am I gonna do...lay down and Die!!!!! Not a chance....

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