Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A happy pill and a cuddles from my hubby

Good medicine when you're feeling blue. He really does take care of me when my head starts to explode. We were laughing a little earlier. You see we have really good insurance so if a tree were to fall on our house we could collect the insurance money and start over....hmmmmmm maybe someplace warm.....
Wishful thinking.
I watch those shows House hunters International. I love it when they go to tropical places and get beautiful homes for next to nothing. I mean I'm in. I would love to spend the rest of my days lounging on a beach with my only worry being "should I have a Mai Tai or a Margarita?" "Lounge chair or beach towel?"
We could go to a tropical place that loves Americans...(not many left) and I could raise my boys there. Derek and I could sell arts and crafts to the tourists and spend our days loving life.....hmmmmmmmm living a pipe dream....LOL
I'm definitely on my happy pills. You see, when you have brain tumors...You get to tell the doctors what you want. You don't have to wait for them to prescribe it to you. I want to try this one this time doc....OK.....
It's not really all like that but it sure feels like that sometimes. For the money that we pay out in prescriptions I should own the companies.
I do have to say that through all of this and every up and down Derek and I are still here. He married a Hottie with two kids and ended up with me, some brain tumors, and some funny deficits, and he's still here. Gotta love him.
We're going to be OK.
HAPPY PILLS AWAY!!!!!!!! Tomorrow's a new day

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