Friday, January 23, 2009

Live, Love, Laugh, & Learn

Words to live by.
- We cannot put off living until we are ready. The most salient characteristic of life is its urgency, "here and now" without any possible postponement. Life is fired at us point-blank. -Jose Ortega y Gasset

Just a quote I ran across. WOW! I kept reading it and reading it. It's true. Why put it off. Why wait. Life is fired at you. It's a gun pointed at your head and the trigger is pulled. BAM!!!! you're a Mom! BAM! you have Brain Tumors....See where I'm going with this....
Now, some of you out there plan every aspect of your life... 0r so you think. I didn't plan my children. I didn't plan for my mom to get sick. I didn't plan for life to go the way it did. I didn't plan to meet the man of my dreams after I had my children. I didn't plan on getting brain tumors.
We as a whole don't plan on getting into a car accident or sending our sons and daughters off to war. What we can control are our smiles, our love, our inner happiness and our joy.
No one can take away the peace that I feel when I tuck my children into bed every night. No one can take away the love I feel everyday when I wake them up and kiss them good morning. No one can take away the love that my husband and I share or the magic of the birth of my new great nephew Gavin.
Life is short and and we need to not miss out on the little moments that can make us so happy.
-The tragedy of life is not so much what we suffer, but rather what we miss. - Thomas Carlyle

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Kourtney said...

Great blog. Whats that quote about man making plans and God laughing? Sums it up pretty nicely really. Keep being strong and fighting Kel, and living a great life with your family.