Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Now What?????

The doctors are upset to say the least but ultimately are leaving it up to me. It is my body and my choice whether I go back to work or not. I can try. I have to do something. I can't have people feeling bad because they are unable to help us right now. It's not there job to help us. We are truly thankful for all the help we have received throughout this time, but now it's time to step up and make it happen. It's time for me to ease others burdens.
I figure between my two boys, my brother Kevin's 4 kids and Scot's two kids, one of them is going to become the doctor who finds the cure for this disorder. Then I will know that all of the kids will be safe.
I am off to the Vocational Rehabilitation Office to see if I will be able to work and then it's off to the work force. We'll see what happens...Wish me luck.....

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Kourtney said...

I hope it went well. Let me know!