Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where are my Shoes??????

Among everything else...I can't find my shoes. Not my tennis shoes or my flip flops but my loafers. The easy to slip on, non-slip soles, cute, comfy shoes. We moved and they disappeared. Along with my shoes leaving town my waistline left too. Yep, I've gained weight and can't seem to lose it.

We are heading into the rainy season and walking the neighborhood is getting harder and harder. I can't risk getting sick but I can't risk gaining anymore weight. Yesterday Derek took me to the mall so I could buy two pairs of pants that fit. I could have cried. I still looked damn good but I'm up two sizes. This is not Kelly at her best.

I'm trying to find a treadmill on craigslist for cheep that works. That way I can work out inside and not gain anymore. Maybe when I lose the weight I will find my shoes....It could happen....

OK, I've complained enough about that. I just had major surgery and quit smoking. I was a tad overweight to begin with and that didn't help matters either. I will get over this and make it better. I will lose the weight and get back into my old clothes. The only thing is that we will have to buy new clothes again because my old clothes are old and holy and it's time to trash them. Lucky Me!!!!

I had a doctors appointment on Friday. He just wanted to make sure that my Migraines were OK and under control. He also was curious as to why I wasn't back at work. When I told him he raised an eyebrow and then said OK. I don't get it. He did tell me to come back and see him in another month and then I see the NS a month from then. Hopefully after that I will be back to work and going strong, or at least have an idea of a game plan.

Derek is home right now. He gave me a bracelet that has a silver heart on it and three charms that say Live, Laugh, Love. It is so sweet. We kind of lost our way for a second there. It wasn't fun but we are talking now and on the same page again. We love each other so much that it hurts us both when we don't communicate. Now we are talking about everything.

Well, I'm off to tackle my Sunday. I am teaching the boys how to do laundry and we have to get ready for the week. My Aunt and Uncle are coming soon and I need to get ready for them. Have a great Sunday everyone!!!!

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