Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow What A Week

This week a wonderful person decided to start her own version of a support group uncensored and friendly to the extent that bashing is banned. I guess that means it is censored. I couldn't believe that someone I care deeply about was getting verbally abused by people I respected. My whole world changed and my views on that changed as well. I actually cried for my friend who I have never met but who has offered me unconditional support.
A wise person told me that there are two types of people in this world.
1. Givers - they would give you their last dollar if you needed it
2. Takers - they would take your last dollar even though they didn't need it.

I am the first one. I would and have given my last dollar to a person in need and I would do it again. I've helped to organize a group to sponsor a family for Christmas, that was fun. I am knitting scarfs right now for all my friends and family and to donate to the homeless. I am also trying to find a way to sell them to help raise money for research for NF2 or Brain Tumor Research.

All in all I truly believe in the vision of this new website. Its friendly and fun. I find myself on it all the time. I'm inviting my friends and family because they are in this journey with me.

Update on me.
I had some twitches on my right side and vibrations in my right ear, nothing major. I have more energy now, in spurts. I hope that means I lose some weight. I am smiling more and crying less. I think my meds are leveling out finally. I still get fatigued and confused, forgetful but I'm working on that. My memory is slowly getting better.
I'm still waiting on the results of my EEG and my next appointments are December 1st with my PCP and December 16 with my NS. I also have another MRI coming up.
In January I am off to Maryland for the study and you know they will find a cure for this nasty disease.....I just know they will....
Have a good day everyone and visit the new site. You will love it. You don't have to have a tumor to join. You know me and that's good enough. We need you there....

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