Sunday, August 10, 2008

Never Ending Tasks

It's 5:32am and I know that everyone is sleeping which is what I should be doing. I did sleep better last night. The fist stint was from 9:30 t0 12:30 and then I took some Tylenol pm. I then slept until 4:45 and decided that it was time to wake up. I' feeling pretty good about getting more than 2 hours of sleep.
The meds have me so messed up right now. I'm on steroids and Topomax. Then to counteract the effects of them I'm on Tums and Miralax and lots of water and Tylenol PM. What fun.... I guess I should be happy that the Pharmacist knows me by name now and is willing to answer all of my questions. He flagged my account up there to help explain to everyone who picks up my meds any interactions and instructions that go along with them. I love Rite Aid. They also signed me up for the rewards program and are giving me the senior discount all the time..... I guess when you tell someone you have brain tumors they feel for you, or they know how expensive it's going to be.
Yesterday Derek took me up to shoot my new gun. Yes I have a gun and I absolutely love it. I wore my protective ear wear and I was shooting like a pro. I pretended that I lined up each tumor on the fender we were shooting at. One by one I knocked them out. What a great stress reliever.
Today's plan for me is to try to get my house in order again. We have been cooking a lot of good food and eating a ton. I don't think I need to eat for a week. I think we have dirtied every dish in the house. We have been running two to three loads a day. I also want to get the boys room in order because we are going to turn their beds back into bunk beds. We need to give them some more room in there. I'm hoping to be able to put a desk in there so they can start doing their homework and such in there. Matty love to draw and that would be fun for him as well.
After all of that it's just the norm....laundry and clean the bathrooms....
Should keep me pretty busy... I hope. Of coarse I will probably also nap in there and rest a bit too....

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