Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amazing Thoughts!

As I sit here I can't help but think about the fact that it's less than 48 hours to surgery. The thoughts that are going through my head are...
1. Sitting on a porch swing watching my "Grandkids" play in the yard
2. How should I decorate the house for Christmas
3. If the landlord decides to sell this house to us how would I change things a bit....this is fun for me.....
4. How many happy people are coming over tonight!!!

Tonight is our Pre-Tumor removal Party. I want to be surrounded by happy go lucky people with positive thoughts and just have fun. We are going to BBQ and hang out and tell jokes and laugh.... I can't wait. We are so happy to be in this house and blessed that we all love it as much as we do. I am still in shock that we are here. We love everything about it. It feels like home. Our home.
I can't wait till Christmas when we can put up lights outside and decorations. The boys will get to help and I've already decided on colorful big lights. I want the Christmas tree in the family room in front of the slider and then maybe some animated deer in the front lawn.
Next summer I'm already planning, in my head, BBQ's and birthday parties. Matthew wants his birthday party here this year. I will make that happen. So much to look forward to and shoot for.
So my amazing thoughts that keep me going.....My husband, kids, family, friends.... Who could ask for anything more. I have a life that I could never imagined. I am so blessed.
Tomorrow we pick my aunt up from the airport. She is flying in from Michigan to help me out and be there for me. We have had a special relationship since I was born. I've always been Susie's girl. She taught me all about unconditional love and how to follow my hopes and dreams. She also taught me to look at the good in people but not to take any crap from anyone. She was a huge advocate on me mending my relationship with my mom and that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. She will be here to help us all out. Her strength will help Derek and my brothers and they in turn will be able to help her.
My cold is almost gone so I don't foresee pushing out surgery. Everything is a go and then it's just healing from there. I can't wait to come home from the hospital and sit in my moms chair by the window and relax. They said they are going to wean me off the Steroids before they send me home...YIPPPPEEEE..... I shouldn't be on any other meds for anything other than pain at that point. This is a good thing.
The next steps include Gamma Knife...for the residual and possibly another surgery or two. First things first....Survive Brain surgery....The first thing on my to do list. I will do this. I will come home and I will be 100%. This is my goal. I have asked all of my friends and family to keep me motivated and going. I have friends who want to take me walking and I think that's great.
Lots to look forward to. This is what keeps me going. Keeps me moving forward one step at a time.

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