Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Home!!!!

With everything going on we had the added stress of finding a new home and coming up with the money to move. Not to mention packing and planning my surgery and Derek is working full time local. I let this stress get the better of me and not sure why other than I just didn't want anymore change in my life.
The positive things that I have learned in the last two days:
1. My boys are amazingly strong and supportive
2. Derek is my ROCK and my Night in Shining Armor
3. Our new place is Quiet and peaceful
4. Moving keeps your mind pre-occupied so you don't have time to dwell on things like surgery
5. When one door Closes another door Opens
6. Family and Friends are amazing

Our new place has a full bath in the master bedroom and a walk through closet. Wow! we haven't been able to use a closet for three years. It has been fully renovated and has a larger fridge than we have now. It has the dark cabinet I love. Lots of windows and overlooks the woods. We are loosing space in the boys' room but we are going to make due by putting their beds back to bunks. We won't have time to paint so we are going to get posters for them to put on the walls. I will have a separate laundry room with a side by side washer and dryer..... That will be easy to get used to. I'm excited and nervous but all in all I think this move was meant to be. We will be able to move on Saturday and Sunday and then I will clean this place on Monday and have the Carpets done on Tuesday. One of the perks is that I think they will clean the carpets for free. They will replace them anyways but I don't want to get charged for them.

My hubby is absolutely amazing. Under all of this stress and discomfort he has risen to the top and found the door open on the other side. We might have the option in a year or so to rent a house from one of his bosses. It's in the area that we all love and want to live in and it's the exact size and look and everything we've ever wanted. This is a temporary move for us but we are not in a hurry to move again. Main goal is for me to recover and get better.

I do want to recover quickly and get back to work so that we can get back on top. I called the SS office yesterday to see what my options were and they weren't so helpful. Seems that regardless of your situation you need to be determined disabled....which I am, and then go see their doctors for a second opinion. Hmmmm ok. Then you have to be denied because of your age and then get a lawyer to fight for you. Again, Hmmmmm.... She also told me that with Dereks income I wouldn't qualify for the money but if approved I could qualify for the medical. That would help but again a waiting list. I'll just concentrate on getting better and if I need to I'll get retrained into doing something else that I can do. I will work with my disabilities...
The power of positive thinking goes a long way and I'm going to stay as positive as possible. Spring cleaning in my brain and in my house. This is a fresh start for my entire family. A quiet place to recoup and I'm still close to everyone.....Who could ask for anything more....

Oh one more thing..... My Pre-Op appointment is set for next Wednesday at 9am and then Surgery to be 28-31 on one of those days. Just thought I would share....

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